Awwwww. :D

Her full name is so pretty!

I take it from your icon that you're a J/E shipper?
It is a pretty name, isn't it? Has a nice rhythm to it, as it were. A name like Jennifer Lopez sounds rather blah in comparison.

Despite my icon's implications, no, I'm not a J/E shipper. I felt really bad for Will at the end of the second movie, which I didn't think would ever be possible at the end of the first movie. Liz just did the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and although she obviously regretted it in the end, I'm been having trouble forgiving her for it. Note the "Excuse Me?" line in my icon. I picked it before I saw the film and I'm pretty sure the person who made the icon wrote that as if to say "Excuse me, but they're not about to kiss, are they? Why are Jack and Elizabeth going to kiss??"

After seeing Dead Man's Chest for the first time, I started this little story about the reality (or "Truth" as I call it) of relationship between Jack and Elizabeth. Sadly my ideas about how to continue the story went a little "pear-shaped" after seeing the film a second time. Still, I don't think the basic concept that I have for the story has changed since, so I'll finish it as it was originally intended to be seen one of these days.

As you read it, you may come to understand how much of a chuckle I got out of seeing Elizabeth underwater in the POTC3 trailer. :)
Oh you mean this icon? :P I read the story just now and yes, it made me chuckle. For all we know, that conversation did happen if the 'Keep telling yourself that darling' line indicates anything. It's a pity you didn't finish it. How was it supposed to end?

OK, I squinted and saw the 'Excuse me?' line. Couldn't have put it better myself. That's what I thought when I saw the snip in the trailer and even the scene itself still didn't quite vindicate the two characters for me.

As for Liz doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, I like to think that she did the wrong thing for the right reasons. As she said, it was Jack, not the others the Kraken was after and Jack really had it coming what with exchanging Will's (and possibly 99 more) souls for his own godless one. I liked the idea that after Jack had spent half the movie telling Elizabeth that she was deep down inside, just as ruthless and amoral as himself, she proves him right - by turning on him.