knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

And how is/was your weekend?

It seems like Memorial Day weekend around here instead of the final days of spring break. The weather is nice, people are heading out to the dunes to buzz around on their 4-wheelers, out to the lake and river with their newly acquired fishing licenses, boats, and/or personal water-craft.

In regards to the weather, I spam'd my family with an message that said, "It’s 76 sunny and clear skies here today. What is it where you are?"

While my parents and brother were considerate enough to reply with similar statements regarding their weather conditions (both places were far colder than here) my sister replied with a friendly, "Kiss my ass.... [I] don't think it got above 20 today." Apparently she's not a fan of cold weather this late in the year. :D

Besides getting a haircut today, I got stamps at the post office. The machine wouldn't take my $10 bill so I had to use a $20 bill and got 12 brand new dollar coins like the ones I mentioned here. They look pretty nice and have a rather unique sound when they clink together, but none of them have any flaws that could make them very valuable.

What else?

I got the car washed (I should be looking for a new car, tho') and bought the book The Children of Men (but have yet to start reading it) and that's about it so far.
Tags: books, car, family, money, weather

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