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George, Neil, and Keira!

Looking back on some of my entries, I came to notice that I made a slight mistake about how long I've been going to November 1st will be my fourth anniversary at the site. I previously said I was "George-ing" for four and a half years, but that was incorrect. Sure, I could go back and edit the entry, but what fun would that be??

I started on because my Mom dragged me to a Neil Diamond concert where I found a bill with written on it when I bought myself some food at the concession stand. I have to say that Neil put on one heck of a show. Since 9/11 happened less than two months earlier, Neil's opening and closing with "America" was very powerful. I should point out that 90% of the audience were made up of middle-aged women like my mom, 8% were husbands and guys like me who were there mainly as an escort, and about 2% were made up of that part of every rock star's fanbase that only just discovered him; kids in their 20s who you would think would be more into Dave Matthews than Neil Diamond. The October issue of Esquire states that Diamond's next album "is the best album Rick Rubin's ever made." "Who is Rick Rubin?" you ask. Well the Detroit Free Press explains in this article better than I can.

Speaking of the October issue of Esquire, I could stare at that cover for hours!!

I thought I was over my Keira obsession, but I guess I'm not!
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