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Regarding my day off

Took the day of from work today. A dentist appointment in the morning was the main reason, but the occassional "mental health" day is good for you too.

Anyway, despite getting the usual "floss more" recommendation, I got good marks from the dentist. Yay! X-rays and fluoride, too.

I then drove down to Kennewick (Yay!again because the car made it there and back with no problems!) where I stopped at the multiplex to see Hot Fuzz which was fantastic! It featured one of the best shoot-outs I've seen in a long time, and a fantastic parody of a chase scene from Point Break that was perfect in its context. (EDIT: The movie was presented in digital, making it the second movie I've ever seen in the theaters in digital, with AOTC being the first.)

I also swung-by Best Buy while I was there and picked-up an USB power adapter for my iPod and I finally caved and bought the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD. The cashier-girl was not very good, especially when she's snapping her gum every 30 seconds. Despite using the coupons and gift certificate I had for being a part of their Rewards program, I think I got jipped 10% on the DVDs. That encounter is not going to get high marks when I fill out my online survey.

While I was down there, I scouted out the location of the Tri-Cities airport which I will be flying out of on my way to CIV in Los Angeles, and was glad to find it very quickly since it will be my first time flying out of that airport.

Well, that was my day. Alas, I'm on-call this weekend, which pretty much spoils the weekend for me, so it was a very good thing I made today a full day.

Hope your Friday and the rest of the weekend was/will be good, too. :)
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oh leave the cashier alone. It's one of the most boring jobs on earth & you have to put up with morons abusing you every day.
This was very unusual behavior for a Best Buy cashier. Typically they just try to sell you something additional that you don't need/want (which is easy to deal with) and they're usually very cordial and seem to be having a good time with their fellow employees when they're not dealing with customers, but the gum-smacking was just plain rude. I've been a cashier at a similar job, and "no chewing gum" is one of the first rules of proper customer service.