Had a productive hour-plus long chat with my boss at the end of the day and I feel so much better for doing so. I think we both feel better after our conversation because we both just needed to vent about office-related stuff and found a good ear in each other. She's been filling in as the department supervisor since our last one was fired in October, and has been trying to clean-up the mess left behind (and doing a really good job of it) but on a temperary basis until they find a permanent supervisor. Well, we didn't have any problems with each other, but since both of us are from out of state (she from Texas, I from Minnesota) we vented about not just the situation around the office (I did not mention Friday's incident) but stuff regarding living in this area, a little about my future at the hospital (my contract expires in July), and a variety of other things completely unrelated to work, and I'm positive it was a good "mental-health moment" for the both of us. Plus she okay'd that extra hour-plus for overtime money, which was very nice of her.
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