Character meme

Gakked from just about everybody (moonspinner especially).

Tell me a character, I'll tell you three things from my personal canon about them.
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Elizabeth Swann.

Er... did you know your lj layout is almost exactly like mine?
No, your lj layout is almost exactly like my lj layout. :p

Elizabeth Swann

1. Elizabeth's interet in pirates began shortly after her mother's death. During the post-funeral reception/wake at the Swann's home in London, young Elizabeth ran away from all the gloomy adults and found herself in Booksellers Row, finding and reading about the incredible adventures of Captain Morgan, a certain Captain Sparrow, and other high-seas adventurers in order to escape the terrible sadness that had suddenly consumed her life.

2. During her first years in Port Royale, young Elizabeth wasn't to terribly fond of young Will Turner. The orphaned boy would be gloomy one moment, friendly the next, and obnoxious the moment after that. There were times when she would get so angry at Will that she intended to expose in the boy as a pirate to Captain Norrington, but then she would have to produce the gold medallion as evidence, something she had stolen from Will, and she would have felt very guilty about that, so she started to tolerate the boy and held onto the medallion for his own protection.

3. Had it not been for the curse of the Black Pearl, Elizabeth would have married Commodore Norrington. She would have loved his as a proper wife would in her day and age, but her heart would belong to the noble young blacksmith. There unrequited love affair with had been worthy of a Bronté novel.

That was fun! Someone give me another!
"Sneaky" things? Hmmm... Well, I'm not quite sure what you're looking for, but....

1. Anakin was not Padmé's first lover, but he was her only lover who was ever a Jedi (or Sith, for that matter).

2. Padmé was about to sign a lucrative deal to become a spokeswoman for a facial cream when Queen Jamilla asked her to become Naboo's senator.

3. She used to wet the bed until she was six.

There, are those sneaky enough for you? :p