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The Year in Fic Meme as borrowed from moonspinner

Favorite story of 2006: Hysteria was my first (and only, so far) song-fic. It was a challenge entry for a Padmé-in-a-different-occupation challenge (I think "singer" was my assigned choice) and inspired by Muse's song by the same name. The song is about obsession, and since I've always seen Anakin's relationship with Padmé as being a bit obsessive, I thought it would work perfectly.

Best story I wrote in 2006: Gosh, that's difficult, honestly. All of them?

Most Underappreciated Story I wrote in 2006: See previous answer. :)

Most Fun Story: Hysteria again. Not only do I have Anakin obsessing over Padmé, but I have Qui-Gon alive and well and searching for a mysterious vergence in the Force. The best part is what I do to the story once he finds it. :D

Sexiest Story: While Hysteria has some sexual-tension in it, the only post for my epic The Killer of Ghosts features the only love-scene I've written.
Kasha’s resolve, so strong only moments ago, shattered. “I won’t leave you,” she vowed, her free hand undoing her robe. “Not tonight.”
You really don't need much more than that!

Holy Crap, that's wrong, even for you: I honestly believe I didn't write anything that was totally out of character for me. That is up to the readers to decide.

Story that shifted my perceptions of a character: Panaka's Promotion. Queen Amidala's brave captain was fooled as badly as the rest of the galaxy, yet continued to be blinded by Palpatine's words and power. The story also emphasized Vader's hatred towards anyone who reminded him of Padmé and how Palpatine loved to see him agonize over it. Palpatine putting Panaka in a position of power fueled his anger all the more.

Hardest Story to Do: Again, The Killer of Ghosts had only one post in 2006. 'Nuff said.

Biggest Disappointment: Restless Night under the pen-name Gentle_Lady as part of a tri-level plot-bunny challenge created by moonspinner. The lack of comments after I posted it was very disheartening.

Most Revealing Story: While The Killer of Ghosts had its one "revealing" moment in 2006 (see quote above), my participation in the round-robin Warrior Queen, Gentle Lady was the most work I've ever done revealing the history of one character and the culture she grew up in.

Story I Want Remembered: All of them, of course.

Fic I Still Love Most From 2005: On further inspection, I'm surprised to discover that I don't have a whole heck of alot posted for 2005, so I'm going to stick with The Killer of Ghosts.
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