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I really don't have to look all that deep inside myself to realize that the results of this quiz are scary in how accurate they are!

EDIT: On second thought, my "current situation" isn't very accurate, but the rest is pretty near the truth.
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OK, I went over it. Scarily accurate, right? Sadly, you don't post enough personal things for me to give you the same analysis you did me. However, I gather that, amongst other things, you're afraid your idea of a Ms Right is Ms Perfect?
And what's wrong for looking for Ms. Perfect? :)

Your choice of indicator is a bit ironic, because the last young lady who I thought could fit that role of Ms. Perfect prefered "Miss" over "Ms" because in her opinion "Ms" made a woman's marital/relationship status sound vague. Alas "Miss Perfect" and I are just friends, which was her decision and while I'm disappointed, I'm respecting her decision and I continue to respect her with the highest regards.

And on the posting personal things note, I'll have to say that both of us seem to be reluctant to post a whole lot of information about our personal lives, although you are probably correct in saying that I don't post enough personal information to get a good read on the accuracy of the results of the quiz.