knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

CNN Poll: We are not afraid to travel currently has a poll on their front page asking "Does the London bomb terror alert make you not want to visit the city?" As of this moment, over 58,000 viewers have responded, 74% answering "No" while 26% say "Yes."

I'm proud to see those numbers which indicate that we do not live in a world controled by fear. Had the London bombs actually gone off, the numbers undoubtly would have been different, but I'm willing to guess that the majority of respondants would still say that fear of terrorism would not prevent them from visiting London.

I think the same could be said if the question focused on the "successful" (notice the use of quotes in questioning the use of the word) car-bomb in Glasgow instead of London. I have an aunt and uncle going through that airport when they visit their daughter this coming Christmas, and the next time I visit that part of the world (date & time yet to be determined) I'll probably fly into Glasgow and visit my cousin first.
Tags: news, travel

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