A Test For My Readers

What does "Hymenoptera Envenomation" mean?
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Hymenoptera is an order of insects, including wasps and bees. And ants, those nasty buggers. Hymen was the Greek god of wedding feasts, with which bees were associated.

Envenomation: to fill with poison or venom (or, metaphorically, with hate).

How those two go together, I have no idea. ;)
Put them together and you basically get the technical term for Bee Stings.

A doctor wrote that on one of the ER charts I was working on the other day, and I just couldn't make it out (he spelled "envenomation" wrong: "invenomation"), plus his hand-writing wasn't all that easy to decipher. I thought it might have something to do with bee stings, but I wasn't sure, so I passes it on to a lady with decades of experience and she typed it out. I still had to look up what it meant, 'tho.

Those doctors think they're so clever some times. :p
That makes sense. Those doctors and their hand writing... ;)

Wouldn't it be a lot easier just to write "bee sting"?