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Brainstorming! Need Help!

So I'm actually starting to make progress in my quest to write an original piece of fantasy-ish fiction, but I need a few ideas and I'm asking for your help. What would you like to see in the story? Granted, I'm not expecting this to be a multi-book tale, but any ideas you can give me will help fill in the blanks of this story that takes place in an ancient yet modern world.

Do you want massive stone monuments? Parades? Mustache twirling villains? Swords that sing? Rings that rust? Castles that scrape the sky? What color should the bad guys wear? What color should the good guys wear? What color should the people stuck in the middle wear? Should there be a love triangle or two? Should there be unrequited love? Do you want to see wizards/holymen/kings/aliens shooting lightning from their fingers? Should the leading lady be a blonde or a brunette? Or a red-head? Should there be a villainess? What color should her hair be? Is anyone wearing tattoos? If they are, what do they mean? Why did they get them? How did they get them? Are they really birthmarks? Who is on who's side?

I have a few idas, but I really want to hear some of your own.

What do you want?
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