Do kids read these days?

Of course they do! Not only that, but kids are getting better stuff to read than adults are. All of this is according to Stephen King in this article for Entertainment Weekly where he also explains what made Harry Potter such a success.
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Hmm, for someone who isn't the biggest fan of HP, I gotta say, King made some cool points. I like how he points out that Rowling's kids don't stay kids; it's definitely true that my age group practically grew up with Harry, and could probably relate to his adventures over the entire 9 year span. And the whole "kids read more than adults" is pretty interesting. I definitely read a lot more between the ages of 8 and 13 than I ever did after I entered high school. But on the other hand, there are a lot of kids who will admit outright that they just don't like reading, and probably would only read HP because it's such a cultural craze. I guess it's just back to the old rule: Don't accuse all kids of being stupid based on the actions of a small group.

Cool article!