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I should have done this Months ago!

It was my New Year's Resolution to create a blog, and for some silly/stupid reason, I didn't have the guts or enthusiasm to go through with it.

I mean, come on, there are cable news networks surveying the "blog community" for information or comments from people who may or may not have a ligitiment reason to be heard, so why can't I be one of those "disembodied voices?" When I came up with the resolution, there were millions of things I was eager to talk about, and that was probably because I was watching way too many cable news programs. I'm sure everyone thinks this, but I wanted to be (and still do) the one sane voice in the crowd. I may not be the loudest, but damnit, somebody needs to hear what I have to say!

That being said, I am a tad timid to start spouting the wisdom I think that needs to be heard. I'm a bit of a shy fellow, but when I feel up to saying something and start feeling comfortable with this whole blogging thing, I will.

Talk to you then.
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