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It's that time of the month when my mailbox is usually empty for several days at a time. Maybe the occasional "You Have Been Pre-Approved for a [insert company/bank name here] Credit Card" notice, but typically there's nothing, not even bills. Now I understand when my Inbox is empty on the weekend (although is a little behind on getting out their Word of the Day email). People are getting out of the house, maybe even enjoying their family and such, pulling themselves away from the computer that they are typically chained to during the week. But an empty mailbox is just depressing. I'll admit, I don't subscribe to anything (US Weekly hasn't come, yet; do I dare to dream?) and it is not like I mail a whole lot of letters and/or cards, either. It makes me feel like Charlie Brown waiting for that one Valentine Card from that little red-headed girl, which isn't exactly a great feeling.

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