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I've noticed that pretty much every 1-star review I've seen at are just rants against the product's existance, not the quality of the product itself. In other words, the 1-star reviewers don't own the product or probably never watched/read/heard/used the product.

So I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't be able to review an item unless you actually bought it from or have checked the box that you own the item in question (which is a some-what dicey option since you can just lie when checking the box, with no evidence available to prove you're lying or telling the truth).
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I've always thought that the star-reviews on amazon are pretty unhelpful, unless people are willing to leave a fairly detailed review about the product along with their stars. Otherwise, I almost tend to ignore them.
That's how I feel, too. Although some of the 5-star reviews can seem a bit over-the-top, making me suspcious whether the reviewer works for the company that produced the item in question.