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I'm driving Chloe's car!

It's not a secret that while I like Smallville, I really don't watch it as much as most people I know. It is not on my small Must-See-TV list. But the CW was broadcasting a rerun of the "Noir" episode Sunday night and I hadn't seen it, so I watched and found it to be pretty entertaining. Boy, did they play that pulp, film-noir era up! Loved the amount of cigarette smoke they had in a couple of scenes, just like it would have been filmed during the 30s!

It turns out it is just Jimmy dreaming the whole thing, so we eventually return to the modern-era (in modern-day Technicolor, of course). BTW, my favorite line is when Chloe gets pushed down the stairwell and Clark catches her, to which she says something like, "How come you always show up at the last second?" to which his reply goes something like, "Where would the fun be in that?" Hysterical!

Anyway, to get to my point, there is a scene at the end of the episode where Chloe meets Jimmy in an alley (I'm not sure exactly why, I was on the phone at the time), and she drives up in a brand new grey Prius, just like the one I bought in July! (yep, that's it as my icon) I was pretty surprised not only to see my car on TV, but I was also pretty sure that I saw an episode a year or two ago where Chloe was driving something red and sporty. I think it eventually had something to do with a product giveaway at the time. Guess the song that was playing on the radio and you win the car, or something like that.
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