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Isn't Possession 9/10 of the Guilt, too?

I find it hard to understand how private photos can "[find] their way online".

I'm somewhat suprised to see that all parties involved in this unfortunate scandal (with the possible exception of Zac Efron) are handling it very well. The situation isn't good, of course, but Vanessa isn't denying it is her in the photos (she actually confirms that it is her!) and while Disney is understandably upset, they seem to be forgiving her mistake, almost down-playing the whole thing.
i really do wonder why celebrities do these sort of things - nude photos & sex videos & then act all shocked when they get sold on the Internet.
I mean, if your a normal person no one really cares that much if you do those sort of things - unless your a police officer or a judge/teacher no one is going to bother putting them online. But if your a celebrity your just setting yourself up for trouble.