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So I get into work a little early (per usual) and the other in-house coder (let's call her "Violet") informs me that our coding supervisor will be off for several days next week. No big surprise since she had mentioned that already, but didn't have the final dates down. Then Violet tells me she will be taking several days off starting at the end of this week. This is news to me (plus it is not up on the department's "Time-Off Calendar"), so I politely ask in a curious tone why she was taking time off. She replies with "personal reasons" in a tone that sounds as if she really meant to say "it is none of your business and how dare you even think to ask!"


This bugged me pretty much the rest of the day. We got along fine during the day, but being told off like that really bothered me. After Violet left for the day, I kinda asked a third-party if she knew why Violet was taking time off without really asking. I had overheard Violet and the third-party (the gal who got implants, so I'll refer to her as "Boobs") talking about laser eye-surgery last week, but Boobs didn't quite remember that conversation and I got the feeling that she knew why Violet was taking time off, but wasn't going to tell me although I think she understood my frustration. Laser eye-surgery, however, was definately not why Violet was taking time off. Boobs is in charge of scheduling and I understood her reasons for not telling me why Violet was taking time off.

The moral of my story is that if you don't want to tell someone why you're taking time off, don't be all snippy about it.
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