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Ah, ha!

No, this isn't about the 80s Scandanavian pop-band, I think I figured out what Violet's problem is!



Okay, let me clarify. One of the qualifications for being a coder with most employers is that you must be a certified RHIT (I think I mentioned my getting my RHIT back in July 2005). Anyway, Violet doesn't have her RHIT; she was interning at the hospital before getting the job, and I think she was just "grandmothered" (if that's the right word) into the coding position on the condition that she get her RHIT within 2 years. The first time she took the certification test (which I think was before I came along) she failed. Then I showed-up with my shinny new certification. Our boss at the time even made a big banner for me to celebrate! Months slowly roll by and Violet hasn't retaken the test, and I, being the thoughtless jerk that I am, occassionally (but with no malice intended) rubs her nose in it. It ticks her off some, so I don't do it very often. A couple of times I promised to take down the banner only when she passed the test. Alas, I took it down several months ago despite the fact she hadn't retaken the test (I think seeing it everyday when she came in to work really bugged her, so maybe I kept it up too long). Also, as the months slowly roll by, I come to the realization that even though she doesn't have her certification, Violet would be a far better RHIT than I am by MILES! If it was up to me (and I've confessed it to the outside coders that work for the hospital when they've been in town for meetings), I would just give Violet the certification without her taking the test, I think she's that good.

So what does that have to do with her taking time off for no reason?

I think she is going to retake the test some time between now and when she returns on the 15th. We health information people are very notorious/superstitious in not telling people when we're going to take the RHIT test, so that very well may be the case.

So cross your fingers and say your prayers for Violet. I don't think she needs that much help, but some people are better test-takers than others. Hopefully she'll be in a very good mood when she comes back, cause I'm sure she'll let me know if she passed the test if she is really going to take it.

I'll bring a bag of confetti, just in case. ;)
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