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A new SW AU

Title: Scarlet Moonlight
Timeframe: Original Trilogy
Characters: Leia, Luke, Vader, the droids, Han, Chewie, and more as they are introduced.
Genre: Drama, AU
Summary: I'm not sure where this story will take me or where I will post it on a regular basis, but I thought I'd throw the first two parts out to see what you readers may think.
Notes: Format inspired by moonspinner.

1, Waning


Princess Leia lifted her eyes to the sky, blinking back the rain droplets as they hit her face. There was a full-moon visible off in the distance, just ahead of the storm-front. Her ribs hurt as she pulled and pushed air in and out of her lungs, but the cool, wet taste of the rain was refreshing.

She was also tired. So very, very ti….


Leia shook her head. Where did that noise come from? She looked down at her feet, discovering the barrel of her blaster-pistol lying across the toes of her right boot.

I don’t remember dropping that.

Her eyes moved to her right hand lying slack against her side.

Why is my hand so cold, numb?

Then she noticed the laceration stretching the length of her forearm, the blood flowing off her fingers as if from a fountain.

“Oh, no.” The words were soft and came after a long, deep breath. Oh, Papa, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I failed you. She dropped to her knees, her eyes beginning to blur.

Leia. The voice sounded familiar.

“Papa? You’re too late, Papa. I did what I could….”


End part 1

2, Living Flesh

Mustafar was where Darth Vader was born; Mustafar would be where he died.

The Dark Lord of the Sith had made that promise to himself years ago, tired of Palpatine’s taunting and ridicule. Monster? If Vader was a monster, Lord Sidious had created him, but he wasn’t going to control him, not forever.

The conference room where Vader had assassinated the leaders of the Trade Federation years ago was now his home, and his alone. Only members of Vader’s Fist dared to visit him here, and even they didn’t know what took place in these rooms. Mustafar was Palpatine’s one allowance, and Vader was taking full advantage of being away from his master’s overwhelming shadow.

On one side of the room was his meditation chamber, an exact duplicate of the ones he used on Imperial Center and the Executor, but he stood on the opposite side of the room and in front of a series pedestals. His gloved hands reached up and undid the latches on his helmet. He lifted it from his skull and placed it on the first pedestal. He undid the under-mask, the portion of his armor that held his photo-receptors, removed it and placed it on the second pedestal. The facemask and neck-brace went on the third, the artificial respirator’s monitors went on the fourth, his gloves on the fifth, and his padded body-armor on the sixth.

Naked from the waist up, he took a deep breath through his nose and held it in his lungs. They were not the artificial lungs that had sustained him for years, these were young, healthy lungs that had been harvested from a young human three years ago and couldn’t have been any older than eighteen. The fading scar along the midline of his chest was the only evidence of any surgery.

He made fists with his hands, the syn-flesh on his arms flexing and stretching like real skin. Metal and cables were used to replace the bone and tendons beneath the skin, but it felt very, very real.

“If Palpatine won’t heal me, I will.” His mission was almost complete.

“Lord Vader.”

“Yes, See-Threepio?”

“Admiral Thrawn wishes to make contact with you.”

Vader raised his right hand and made a fist. “Audio only, as usual, Threepio.”

“Of course, My Lord.”

End part 2

So? What do you think?
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