Challenge and an adjustment to my f-list

I took off the Heroes-related communities because they clutter-up my Friends Page, but I still love the show and will look in on those communities every once in awhile if I have a thought or question about an episode.

Okay, new challenge, and while it's taken from moonspinner, I'm going to tweak the qualifications a little bit.

Writing Challenge

Comment on a story that I haven't written as if I already had (ex. "That story about Han playing chess with a jawa") and I'll write 3 or 4 sentences about and/or from it.

Now the one stipulation is that it is from a genre or fandom that I haven't written in or characters that I haven't written about. Put me to the test!

Hope that makes sense.
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I'm shamelessly confessing that I don't really know which characters you write often... But I'm going to go out on a limb and say:

Something from that story about Jar Jar and Mon Mothma. And I'll add this further stipulation: I want it to be serious. :D And in a non-Jar Jar bashing way.

Have fun!
I don't write them much, but I think I can handle that.
When Mon Mothma for her meeting with Padmé Amidala at the Naboo Embassy, the beautiful atrium that greeted visitors was dark and empty. She heard soft chuffing sounds coming from a visitor's couch pushed against the wall and in the shadows. "Hello?" She could barely make out the other being in the room. "Representative Binks?"

Jar-Jar Binks lifted red and watery eyes. He stood to greet her, but the child-like joy he usually greeted everyone with was gone. "Senator Mon Mothma. Mesa p-pleased to be seeing yousa, but the embassie isa... isa closed."

Mon Mothma's heart raced and her eyes went wide. World Embassies on Coruscant rarely closed unscheduled; something terrible must have happened.

How's that for serious?
Very nice. :) Poor Jar Jar...

Though now I'm curious. Is this about Padmé's death, or are you referencing something else?
What I left off (for dramatic effect, but since you asked so kindly):
"Why is the embassy closed, Jar-Jar?" Her throat constricted around the words.

Jar-Jar sniffed as tears began to fall from his bulbous eyes. "Because Senator Padmé is dead!"

Yes, it is a very sad day for Jar-Jar. :(

Okay, this is really random, but this just made me think of an AU idea I'm sure no one has ever done before.

What if one or both of the twins had been raised by Jar Jar?