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Things I Initially Thought Were A Bad Idea (part 1)

Smallville's Lex Luthor and I have one thing in common. Upon first seeing an angelic-blonde (whom we now call Kara Kent) we both thought the samething: "Lana who?"

When I heard that Supergirl was going to be introduced in this new season, I couldn't see the reason for adding another hot chick to the cast. They have enough problems figuring out what to do with all the other girls (just don't get me started on their misuse of Lois Lane) why introduce one more and screw her storyline up? This is not a good idea.

But that was then.

Now, after three episodes, Kara has kinda grown on me, in fact, I'm pretty much crushing on her. :p

But she is creating new conflict for the other characters, making the stories a bit more engaging. Clark has to convince her to control her powers, she has a thing for Chloe's boyfriend (and Chloe's boyfriend has a thing for her), her first ever encounter with Lois (unbenounced (sp?) to Lois) was to push her into the mud, and while Lana doesn't seem to mind her, Lex has got the hots for her like any red-blooded American boy would.

If they can get by that smarmy jerk of an new editor at the Daily Planet, this could be a pretty good season of Smallville.
Yes, that's the word I was looking for! Thank you!

I was writing that on my lunch break at work and didn't have time to spell-check.
Odd. No raised eyebrow at Jimmy O becoming a regular or Oliver Q as a recurring guest star. But add a new 'chick' to the list and hey presto! Meta.
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Honestly, swear to God, I have next to no idea what you mean by "Meta", but I have this odd feeling I should defend my comments.

I saw only about 30%-40% of last season, and maybe 30% of every season since Smallville started. I don't follow it closely, but I kinda know what's going on. Heck, it took me awhile before I remember that Clark must have told Lana about his powers in one of last season's final episodes. I missed pretty much everything involving the Green Arrow and the JLA, although I did see the first episode or two where he was introduced (was that in last season or the season before?).

There are four core characters that have been in the Superman mythos from the very beginning: Clark, Lex, Lois, and Jimmy, so adding Jimmy into the mix was just natural. Jimmy is known for being Clark's best friend and Superman's pal, so if I would raise an eyebrow in regards to the addition of the character to the series it would be because I'd be saying, "Well it is about time!" Up until Smallville, Lana had always been a minor character in the Superman story. Heck, she was so minor that even the creators of Smallville didn't realize that Annette O'Toole played Lana in Superman III when they interviewed her for the role of Ma Kent!

Supergirl was created to get girls to read comic books, simple as that. Unfortunately, Kara hasn't always attracted readers and film-goers; she probably attracted more viewers this season to Smallville than to the awful Supergirl movie that came out 20 years ago. They've even killed her off once or twice in the comic book series. In short, Supergirl has never been a rip-roaring success.

Part of my initial assumptions for her addition was that the network was working towards a Supergirl spin-off. They were probably working for a JLA spin-off, too, but I'm not exactly sure how well that's fairing. The network, in my opinion, wants a Smallville spin-off ala Angel from Buffy, and it hasn't quite worked, yet. This Supergirl might, might give them just what they want.

Did that clarify things? Whether it did or didn't, please tell me what "Meta" means. I'm not nearly as internet-savvy as you are. :p
Yeah, the Smallville-rendition of Lois isn't exactly complimentary, but she's kinda fun none-the-less. :)