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Heroes: Hayden the Good Girl

I found this rather amusing little tongue-in-cheek comment at one of those "entertainment" blogs that specializes in photos of female celebs and thought I'd share.

Hayden Panettiere is great, but her wardrobe choices just don't measure up to those other Hollywood "It Girls." When's the last time you saw a Hayden Panettiere nipple slip? Or how about a Hayden Panettiere upskirt? No? What about Hayden in a see-through outfit? Or a bit of an ass flash? Nadda.

And here's Hayden, all bending over and stuff, and does she take advantage of the fact that the paparazzi are right there, in the perfect position, for the perfect shot? No. She just goes on wearing a properly-fitting shirt, that keeps her fun parts under wraps, and her dignity intact.

Come on Hayden, you'll never be as big as Lindsay, Paris, or Britney if you don't start "slipping up" and having "wardrobe malfunctions" from time to time. Seriously. Ask your publicist. You can't be a good girl forever. After a while, it just gets boring.

Part of me wants the inevitable to happen, but a larger part of me doesn't, hoping her star continues to shine more like Jessica Alba than Lindsay Lohan. We'll see.
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