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Things I Initially Thought Were a Bad Idea (part 2)

Legally Blonde, the Musical

I first heard (literally) about it while captive to Movie Tunes at a theater not exactly near me. It was truely a WTF moment. They played "So Much Better" which, if you've seen the movie, is from the scene where Elle learns she is one of the students who gets the internship and she is thrilled to see her "name up on that list," and the feeling is so much better than those nights on Spring Break in the jacuzzi with Warner.

I thought my ears were bleeding as that played. I have yet to walk out of a movie (although there have been a few times where I should have) but I was ready to walk out right there even before the lights went down!

Then MTV has to go and ruin all my fun once again.

A few weeks ago, MTV broadcasted one of the show's performances (and rebroadcasted it last night), and I was dumb enough to watch some of it, and the most unexpected thing happened:

I liked it.

Yes, I said I liked it.

*shamefully hands in Man-Card*

There is a great deal of eye-candy for the guys (and some for the girls, I guess), but the performances are actually pretty good and the story has been altered to add an alternative love interest for Elle, someone to motivate her into staying at Harvard and get through it with a "chip on her shoulder." Not all of the songs are works of art, but the enthusiasm put into them is astounding to watch, and not to sound like some clichéd-critic, but there are several stand up and cheer show-stoppers. Laura Bell Bundy has an astonishing voice and puts on an equally astonishing performance. Reese Witherspoon may have introduced the role in the movie, but Laura has made a solid mark of her own on the character. The show's soundtrack even cracked the Top 10 Albums list at iTunes the day after it first aired on MTV!

(And in an effort to retain my manly-dignity, no, I did not buy anything off the album.)

Was this a bad idea? Any sane person would have had to have said "Yes" at the initial pitch, but much like Elle Woods, this show proves that despite its bubbly, snappy, flashy, and pink look, it does a fantastic job of making you smile.

(Part 1)
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