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"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

I had what I would call a "Joker Moment" today during my morning walk.

You know those signs that are usually out in front of businesses and schools where you can just change the words around and they say "Eat At Joe's" or "Go Fighting Tigers" or "Free Well Puppy and Kitten Exams" and the like? Are they called sandwich boards or something like that? Anyway, I saw this sign out in front of a business that said "We Support Our Troops and Honor Our Veterans" which, with Veteran's Day coming up Monday, seems very appropriate, although I think I've seen that sentiment on several occasions year-round. I looked at that sign and for some odd reason thought, "Wouldn't it be just like The Joker to switch those words around and make it say `To Hell With Our Troops and Veterans'?"

And as if I had caught a wiff of Smilex, I chuckled. I had a smile on my face for several steps until I realize that it couldn't be done because there were no "L"s in "We Support Our Troops and Honor Our Veterans." My smile drooped and I shrugged. Oh well.

The I remembered the "Free Well Puppy and Kitten Exams" sign that was just two doors down from the "We Support Our Troops and Honor Our Veterans" sign. Just take the "L"s from "Well" and....

I chuckled, again.

And again.


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You are one crazy kid.

Personally I like the ones that say "Go Fighting Tigers," because they're open to multiple interpretations (since the people who make these signs invariably leave out the requisite punctuation). Does it mean, "Yay for the sports team The Fighting Tigers"? Or does it mean, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to go fight some tigers?"

Insert Cat Woman reference here. *pictures Batman in Cat Woman's Tiger Pit of DOOM*

Also, nice icon. ;)
I blame a recent New York Times article that mentions Heath Ledger has been keeping a "Joker Diary" filled with Joker-related stuff to help him get into character for the new Batman movie.
Yep. Catch the viral disease that is the promotional website here for some manical-fun. :D

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That is...quite odd. Huh. Too much for my pitiful brain at this hour of the night...