I have issues

Typing up a defense of myself (which hopefully won't do more harm than good) made me hungry (plus the last thing I had to eat was an apple for lunch six hours earlier), so I went out to Quiznos for dinner and got an Italiano Sammie, which at $2.16 was the cheapest purchase I have ever made at Quiznos! I could have gotten the meal-deal, but I'm trying to avoid caffeine in the evening and I already have chips at home, so I only got the one item. Good stuff, let me tell you.

Back to the issues mentioned in the subject line... I've apparently been testy with a few folks at work and nearly sent a scathing email to my sister last week, and my mood has unfortunately found its way onto the internet. So if I have been curt or nasty to one or two or more of you, I sincerely apologize.

Unlike the ugly-looking gentleman in my icon, I have yet to be driven to drink, but the next time I'm at an establishment that serves Captain Morgan....
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