I'm not surprised that drunk men expect the women to flash their tits - after all haven't we been brought up to be libertines? If you don't flash your tits your obviously frigid & uptight or sexually repressed.

The Qld cricket officials had to ban spirits at the Gabba & the Mexican wave & beach balls because of bad crowd behavior.
Fans from all sides racially taunt the players & throw bottles onto the field ect.

Cricket, golf,AFL & American football would have to be some of the most boring sports to watch.

Best to watch them on television. I've been to a regular season Amerian football game, and it can be a bit scary (and that was with one of the "milder" group of fans in the league!).

I don't find baseball boring, but apparently a lot of people do. Baseball, in most cities, is usually a good outing for the whole family. Football: not so much. I understand that a cricket match can go on for days and end without a winner. That would be annoying.

I would love to attend a golf tournament! Just pick a nice spot of grass by the green or the tee and watch. It'd be like a picnic! There's this tournament in Arizona that takes place at the beginning of the year where the fans can get pretty rowdy at times.
I've never seen a baseball game. I use to play softball in school.

There are one dayer cricket & then theres the matches that just go on & on & on & on. I don't understand how people can watch it. Its fun to play though.

Its hard to imagine people getting rowdy about golf! But i suppose anything can happen if theres alcohol.