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When you think you might put your foot in your mouth, but can't stop from trying.

So I think it is fairly well-documented that I have this bad habit of speaking when I shouldn't; just follow my "work" tags and you're bound to find a few examples. But this is a case where I thought/knew I was going to put my foot in my mouth, but it turns out that everyone involve was okay with what I had to say.

Continuing with the big set-up....

"Blondie" is a light-duty employee working in our department. "Light-Duty" basically means that if you work in a different department and get hurt, you'll be put in a less strenuous job until you get better. Still with me? So anyway, due to a back injury, Blondie comes in for a couple of hours near the end of our day to help scan in charts.

Blondie is gay. I mean this guy is a rainbow flag-waving homosexual. He is so gay that even my gay-dar went "Hey, I work!" when I first met him. Blondie intended to dress in drag on Halloween up until the higher-ups at work put the kabosh on costumes. Don't get me wrong, Blondie is an all right guy with a good sense of humor, I just keep expecting him to come into the room one day saying, "I'm here and I'm fabulous!"

He's just one of the girls in the department, albeit a little more rotund and with more facial-hair than most. Wednesday he was admiring the cut of one gal's jeans, and complained about the fact that there aren't any cool jeans available for men. Now if you had turned your eyes on my corner of the room after he made this statement, you would have seen me tapping the desk, blood dripping from the corner of my mouth as I tried to bite my tongue to keep from quipping, "Well you could always try Lane Bryant."

Fortunately, Blondie and all involved in the conversation found it as funny as it was meant to be, hence the biggest inward sigh-of-relief I've had in a very long time.
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