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Comment on this post. I'll choose seven userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or you know, your own journal, whichever), explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

fialleril asked me about these icons:

I was looking for a Star Wars icon that I could identify with the most, something I could relate to most and that would accurately represent my personality. This scene is one of my favorites from the Original. Who hasn't had a moment of longing, of dreaming, like Luke had in this scene?

I don't know how I stumbled upon this icon and the three others like it. teh_indy made icons for each of the DVD chapters for AOTC, so since Naboo is one of my favorite locations in the Prequel Trilogy and I'm a bit of a Padmé specialist, I picked this one and the others just in case I might post a related story.

I think I picked this before the second POTC movie came out. I wasn't much of a Will/Elizabeth shipper (and honestly, what red-blood American boy would be?), but I was less of a Jack/Elizabeth shipper. So when I saw this, I thought, "Liz and Jack kiss?? Excuse Me???" When the movie came out and Elizabeth actually kissed Jack, I never thought I would feel as sorry for Will as I did. When I use it, which isn't very often, it usually has something to do with a surprise, sort of WTF? subject.

Dashing Al. Aladdin is probably my favorite Disney movie, and just the "How you doin'?" look on Al's face is hysterical. I usually use it with Disney related posts, or when trying to be overly charming.

Will Cookies! It took me a loooooong time to find padabee's orginal post for this icon, but I just had to express that I really liked it. It's just such an unexpected line for a pirate to say in the middle of a battle. Just picture Will saying, "Who will help me rescue Elizabeth?" followed by silence. Then Will changes tactics, saying, "She makes the best cookies in Port Royale," followed by cheers and declarations to follow Will to the ends of the Earth, literally, to have just one of Liz's homemade cookies. I've yet to use it, but it is most likely going to be used whenever cooking or sweets are the subject matter. Besides, who doesn't love cookies?

I was so excited to see the preview of the next generation of animated Clone Wars adventures a Celebration IV that I just had to have a related icon. I'm not exactly sure if my motivation for using this icon is always consistent, but I usually use it whenever Obi-Wan is part of the discussion.

The funniest line from the classic and campy Batman movie, and probably the only line I have memorized from it. It makes you wonder how often Batman has to get rid of a bomb and how difficult/easy is it usually for him to do so. It's just one of those outrageous type of things. I've been using it for posts related to the new Batman movie coming out next Summer until I find something better, but I'll keep using it for the occassional outrageous subject.
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Pretty cool, isn't it. I thought it was a shot from the wedding scene when I first saw it; took me a few seconds to figure out that it was from when they were being carted into the arena.
It is :)
I could stare at it for minutes

I thought it was a shot from the wedding scene when I first saw it; took me a few seconds to figure out that it was from when they were being carted into the arena.
ohh, *lol*

Luke + sunsset = double plus cool factor

And also I love your reasoning for the Aladdin icon. And of course Batman. ;)

But about the new animated Clone Wars I am completely uniformed. Are they making a new show?
Well this article in the Wookieepedia is probably the best at explaining the new series. Since this is being made in high-definition, there were people coming out of the preview at C4 saying, "Glad I'm saving for an HD-TV," or "I think I can convince my wife that we need an HD-TV now!"

Well, I'm a cheap skate and I don't even own a TV now, so I probably won't be going out and getting an HD-TV. ;) But I will definitely be interested when the show comes out on DVD. The first Clone Wars show was so campy and fun. :D Almost as good as Adam West's Batman. ;)
#1- I like this icon a lot because it's very elegant and classic in a simple, understated way. I use this when I feel indescribable, content, reflective, pensive...just a thoughtful icon. :)

#2- This is just a really funny icon. I use this mainly when I am shocked (but in a good way) or I am feeling gossipy (as the phone indicates, she's probably telling a really juicy story!)

#3- I love Alias and I love Jennifer Garner and the many costume and hair changes she has in Alias. That said, I really wanted an icon that just screamed "happy" and I think her grin, the tilt of her head, definitely says that she is happy. So, obviously, I use this when I am happy. :)

#4- I love this because it's a nerdy, awkward side and it just kind of says, "Oh?" It's my curious icon for when I feel mildly surprised or inquistive.

#5- This is my confused icon. I love Summer from the OC (she's possibly my favorite character from the OC) and this is such a cute expression on her. I use this when I am confused, hesitant, curious, etc.

#6- This is from the movie Juno, and is an icon of my favorite part in the movie. Michael Cera and Ellen Page sing a song from the Moldy Peaches together and it's absolutely adorable. I love the quietness but assuredness that Juno and Bleeker have in their love for each other and it's just a testament to friendship. It just reminds me that I want to fall in love and marry my best friend. I'm always going to be his friend, first and foremost, before I am his lover.

#7- Haha, this one makes me laugh so hard. It's Jan from the Office and you kind of have to have seen the show and know Jan's character and Michael's character and how their relationship works. At this point, Jan is still very uptight. "That's What She Said" is something Michael always says, for no reason. It's just part of his humor. I just think that by Jan saying Michael's catchphrase, she's finally starting to unwind. I like this icon a lot for humorous, silly purposes. :)