My Laugh for the Morning

In a discussion about Children of Men (which got hosed, HOSED I SAY, at the Oscars), one debater says the following in regards to one of the chase scenes:

The terrible suspense of the scene, accomplished over what ought to be the handicap of our knowing that Owen isn't going to check out this early in the story (but wait — didn't we know that about Julianne Moore, too? For Christ's sake, push harder, Clive!)[....]
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Just imagine that you're watching the movie and say you're expecting it to be a Julieanne Moore/Clive Owen vehicle, but Julianne's character is suddenly killed early in the film! You're in shock! You think, no one is safe, including Clive's character who you've come to see as the hero of the story. Suddenly you're back on the edge of your seat wanting him to live until the end of the film, not to get killed by an angry mob while he's trying to start his car in the middle of it. You stand up in a crowded theater and shout, "For Christ's sake, push harder, Clive!"

How often to you see someone do that?
Oh. Okay. I thought they were making fun of Children of Men and I was like, "wait, that's an awesome movie!!"