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Iconography pt. 2

You can find part one here.

This time the icons in question were picked by emmaorgana.

I'm a big fan of the band Garbage, and "I Think I'm Paranoid" is the name of one of their songs. I initially found this while looking for a music-related icon, but since I'm occassionally driven nuts at work and have to vent, the whole paranoid idea seems to be appropriate. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have yet to use it.

One of my favorite movies is Bringing Up Baby starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. I think Cary just sat on his hat in this scene, but it looks like he is giving her the hat, so I think I try to use this when the subject regards gift-giving or something kinda silly.

I was a fan of Jack Davenport before POTC, and was very happy and surprised that he had a larger role in Dead Man's Chest. This is one of those "WTF?" type icons. Plus it may related to my unshaven state at the time of posting.

If I have shaved, I might use this "WTF?" type icon. It's not quite WTF but more of a projection of feeling down, hence why I call it "EwanDown" which also refers to the movie the clip it is from, Down With Love, another fun little movie I like.

There are times when you've just got to show your appreciation, say "thank you", so you just need to have a Hug-icon on hand. This clip is from one of my favorite new TV series this season, Life. It also reminds me of one or two awkward moments in high school, too.

A clip from Fantastic Four, the look of wonder on Mr. Fantastic's face is just perfect for times when I just want to say "Wow", impressed by what I've seen or read.

Keira's Camera. Usually used when commenting on stories, pictures or icons of Miss K. (and why wouldn't I?). I've got a couple other camera-related icons also used for commenting on photos and such.

Whew, lots 'o work, that. :)
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