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Iconography pt. 3

handmaiden_yane has meme fever, too.

This is Sheriff Jack Carter from my favorite Sci-Fi Channel show, Eureka. Used mainly when I have a question or a "huh?" comment to make.

Behind those hands is the lovely Shirley Manson, lead singer of the band Garbage and "I Think I'm Paranoid" is the name of one of their songs. I found this while looking for a music-related icon, but the fact that I feel a little paranoid at times made it seem like a good addition to my collection of icons. I don't think I've used it, yet.

Oh, you had to ask about this one, didn't you? My very first icon for livejournal, it is from a scene from my favorite British comedy, Coupling, starring Jack Davenport (Commodore Norrington from the POTC movies), which is most frequently described as a mix between Friends and Sex and the City. The text is "Nothing beats the Original" and I think it is suppose to refer to the poor attempt at an American version of the show to replace Friends some years back. However I chose it pretty much for the look of shock and surprise on the characters' faces in this icon. There is a rather long story behind this scene, but the basic premise is that the guy on the right has just discovered that a sculpture of his manhood as been turned into a sex-aid for women. I now use it for the occassional racy comment or something like that.

This "Hug Attack" icon if from one of my favorite shows of the new season, Life. If I feel like someone needs a hug or I just want to show my appreciation with some enthusiasm, this is the icon I'd choose.

Hatter Madigan, the bodyguard of Alyss Heart of Wonderland! Hatter is a character from a new series of books I've recently discovered called The Looking Glass Wars, a reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland story. In the first book of the same title, Wonderland is under attack from the evil Redd Heart (her first line is "Off with their heads!"), and young Princess Alyss and her bodyguard escape into our world. Separated, Hatter search's the globe for the young princess, and Alyss goes on to inspire Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) to write "Alice in Wonderland". I must confess that I mainly picked it up because of the battle-droid-like card soldiers on the cover, discovering that it actually was Doug Chiang who drew them.

Prince Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke, my favorite anime feature film. If I remember correctly, Ashitaka is searching for a way to rid himself of a demon-mark he recently received by a cursed-God when he comes upon what first appears to be a battle but is actually a massacre by marauders. Ashitaka rushes to the rescue, the power of the demon helping him cause maximum damage. I think I use it with anime related marks, it varies.

I was on a bit of a Fight Club kick when I discovered these quotes, some of which I should probably delete because I probably won't use them. Hey, we all suffer from a broken heart every once in awhile, so I have this one ready, hopefully I won't use it... much.
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Ahh, Coupling! I should have recognized their faces! I've only seen one episode of it, but I loved it! :)

And Princess Mononoke...I thought that looked familiar. I love that movie too. ;)

And after I went through your icons and saw all the "Jack" icons I was like, "Duh. Fight Club."
Let me know when you see more episodes of Coupling and what you think of it. Do you remember what that one episode you saw was about?
It was one where Susan was speaking in a French accent and someone fooled her into thinking there was a bar in Australia or a bar with Australians that was named after her?? It was really funny because the plot was just so convoluted! :)